Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite is the epitome of comfort in the Asya Premier Suites Boracay. Indulge yourself in the understated elegance of a private seaside villa. Also perfect for honeymooners.

The Presidential Suite offers the best view in the entire beach resort. Look out across the sands of Boracay beach as the sunset bathes the island in a sea of color.

The Presidential Suite comes with a king-sized bed in a luxuriously appointed bedroom. It has an extravagantly spacious bath tub and shower area, spacious stylish interiors for intimate entertainment, a private pool set in a lush, verdant garden, and a veranda overlooking the spectacular sunsets of Boracay. The Presidential Suite of Asya, this is Boracay at its most luxurious.

Asya Premier enjoys a smoke free environment. Smoking is strictly not allowed in all our rooms.